Dragonara Casino
Dragonara Casino
First Deposit Bonus

Dragonara Casino

Join now for a gaming journey like no other, where the rewards are as legendary as our dragons.

Chapter I

Dragons Lore

Greetings, fellow adventurer. It appears you possess an inquisitive spirit, one who appreciates the finer aspects of life. Allow me to present to you my latest masterpiece, crafted over years of dedication and passion.

First Deposit
First Deposit


Up to €500 + 50 Wing Spins

Bonus Code: REWARD1

Second Deposit
Second Deposit


Up to €250 + 25 Claw Spins

Bonus Code: REWARD2

Third Deposit
Third Deposit


Up to €250 + 5 Fire Spins

Bonus Code: REWARD3


Unlock Your Treasures Here.

Salutations, fellow seeker of fortune! Below, we unveil the glorious treasures and bountiful rewards awaiting you on your odyssey at Dragoanra Casino.

  • Scale-up Monthly
    VIP Iuvenus

    Scale-Up Monthly

    Scale the heights of prosperity with a 50% boost up to €100 every month! Reward [...]

  • Scale-up Mondays
    VIP Iuvenus

    Scale-Up Monday

    Fuel your fortune with a 25% boost up to €50 every Monday! Reward | Reload Bonus [...]

  • Extra Play
    VIP Iuvenus

    eXtra Play

    Unearth extra riches every week with an additional €10 on your qualifying deposit! Reward | [...]

  • Extra Play Weekend
    VIP Iuvenus

    eXtra Play Weekend

    Ensure the fire of your fortune never dies with an additional €20 on your qualifying deposit at the weekend! [...]

  • Midweek Wing Spins
    VIP Iuvenus

    Midweek – Wing Spins

    During the week, make a deposit of €20 to claim 10 Wing Spins twice! Reward [...]

  • Weekend Claw Spins
    VIP Iuvenus

    Weekend – Claw Spins

    At the weekend, make a deposit of €50 to claim 10 Claw Spins up to 5 times! [...]

  • Sunday Fire Spins
    VIP Iuvenus

    Sunday – Fire Spins

    Make a deposit of €35 to claim 5 Fire Spins, worth €1 each, every Sunday! [...]

  • VIP Iuvenus

    Scale-up Daily Spins

    Fly towards greater riches with 10 complimentary Wing Spins each day, all week long. Reward | [...]

Dragonara Casino

Where the World Meets and Plays

Malta’s Number One

The first casino ever to be established in Malta and by far the most popular, Dragonara will always be Malta’s number one.

Gold Standard

Established in 1964, Dragonara paved the way for tourism in Malta by opening its doors to the public over 50 years ago.

Dining Excellence

With constant improvement and outstanding contemporary vision, Dragonara brings a dining experience to electrify your taste buds.

VIP System

Get rewarded for your activity by the Sanguis Dragon!

Rewards FAQ

Got a question about our online casino site or how to play?

A welcome bonus is a promotional offer extended by a casino to entice new players to register. It commonly includes either a monetary reward or complimentary spins for gameplay. It’s important for players to understand the terms and conditions associated with these bonuses, including wagering requirements and withdrawal restrictions, to make informed decisions about their gaming activities.

A no deposit bonus is a type of promotional offer that allows players to claim a bonus without having to deposit any of their own money. While typically lower in value compared to deposit match bonuses, where a deposit is required to unlock rewards, a no deposit bonus provides an opportunity for players, especially newcomers to online casinos, to explore real money gaming without financial risk. It serves as a means to experience the thrill of gameplay and potentially win real cash prizes, making it an appealing option for those seeking to test the waters of online casino gaming.

At Dragoanra online casinos, lower-level members are typically offered rewards such as a limited number of free spins or tokens for gameplay. These rewards increase gradually as players engage in more real money games. As members progress to higher levels of our loyalty scheme, they gain access to exclusive benefits, such as invitations to exclusive tournaments and quests and opportunities to qualify for high-value prizes like luxury holidays.

Bonus terms and conditions are the rules and regulations that typically accompany a bonus offer. They constitute the fine print that players should be familiar with before claiming a bonus. These terms outline various details such as the timeframe within which the bonus cash must be utilized or the wagering requirements, any necessary deposits required to qualify for the bonus, and other specific conditions relevant to the offer. Bonus terms and conditions are standard across online casinos, with each site having its own set of unique redemption conditions governing the terms of its welcome bonus. It’s essential for players to review and understand these terms to make informed decisions about bonus utilization.

Playing in an online casino offers several advantages over traditional land-based venues. Firstly, online gaming is incredibly convenient, allowing players to access games from anywhere with an internet connection, eliminating the need for travel. With just a visit to a website via a web browser, players can instantly engage in real money gameplay, essentially having an entire casino at their fingertips.

Additionally, online casinos provide the opportunity to play online against a diverse range of players from around the globe, increasing the excitement and competition. Players can win real money and enjoy swift withdrawal processes, with the added convenience of instant top-ups at the cashier when needed. Moreover, newcomers are typically greeted with generous welcome bonuses upon signing up, and participation in the casino’s loyalty scheme offers frequent rewards and prizes, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

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